Sunday, November 4, 2012

Raisa Andriana Cartoon - Indonesian Female Singer

Raisa Andriana Cartoon - Indonesian Female Singer. Couple days ago I have become a fan of her beautiful voice.

Raisa Andriana (born in Indonesia, June 6, 1990, age 22 years) is an Indonesian singer. Raisa began to be known after the song titled "Serba Salah". Before singing as a solo singer, Raisa is a vocalist for the band, formed by Kevin Aprilio called Andante.

Raisa album titled Self-Titled (2011) produced and released by Solid Records and Universal Music Indonesia. Producer of the album is three young musicians from bands Indonesia, Asta Andoko (RAN), Ramadan Handy (Soulvibe), and Adrianto Ario Seto (Soulvibe), supported by Nanda Oka and Asta Andoko which serves as Executive Producer for Solid Records. 

"Serba Salah", tells the story of two lovers situation where long courtship, but the situation is only confuse. They still love each other, but many other factors such as boredom, and disagreements here and there that make them continue to fight. Comes the awkward situation is; broken or guns, huh??? Raisa story.

In the process of recording this song, the producers intervene directly. All musical instruments are recorded directly by Asta, Handy and Rio. Including three of them acting as vocal director. Multipurpose One in the DJ-mixing-mastering Sumantri and the Khoe Hok Laij.

Beginning in 2011 Raisa gets the chance to perform on stage Java Jazz Festival 2011. Playing on the big stage OSO Stage 2, on Saturday (5/3) at 21:00, Raisa has successfully led the choir sang "Serba Salah" on the crowd gathered in front of the stage. An achievement to be proud of.

Raisa eventually hope to give something new to the music of Indonesia. Because "Serba Salah" and the song in full Raisa album, to be released later, tells of dreams and hopes, as well as the hard work mixed into a single entity in the music.

Source: Wikipedia & for Raisa Andriana profile.

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